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Es passt mal wieder hervorragend. Also entweder bilde ich mir das nur ein, oder ich hör zu viel so Musik oder es ist wirklich so. Nur "er" hat keinen Fehler begangen. Ich hab den Fehler gemacht. Wieso hab ich nur gefragt. WIESO? Es könnte alles noch genau so sein wie damals. Oder?
It doesn't matter
That you had the courage to tell me
The easy way out
Was to free up your guilt, laid it on me

What do I care?
If it didn't really mean a thing why'd you do it?
I'm standing here
Looking at someone who doesn't
Know they blew it, yeah

You should have lied
Cause' your stupid mistake
Made my world crash down
Now its goodbye
No you can't take it back
Once the truth has come out of your mouth
So you tried to be honest
But honesty blew it this time
You should have lied

If a tree falls inside of a forest and nobody hears it
It wont affect anybody 'cause no one will miss it

What would I care
If you were dying from the guilt of keeping a secret?
This isn't fair
'cause now I've gotta be the one dealing with it, oh


I don't get it
Where was your conscience when
You were with her
Couldn't you hear it scream out?


It doesn't matter
That you had the courage to tell me
[You should have lied.mp3]

12.9.09 15:51


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