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The world would be a lonely place
Without the one that puts a smile on your face
So hold me 'til the sun burns out
I won't be lonely when I'm down

'Cause I've got you to make me feel stronger
When the days are rough and an hour feels much longer
[I've Got You.mp3]

I wonder what it's like to be loved by you
I wonder what it's like to be home
And i don't walk when there's a stone in my shoe
All i know that in time I'll be fine

I wonder what it's like to fly so high
Or to breath under the sea
I wonder if some day I'll be good with goodbyes
But I'll be ok if you come along with me

Such a long, long way to go
Where I'm going i don't know
I'm just following the road
For a walk in the sun
For a walk in the sun
[Walk In The Sun.mp3]
People marching to the drums,
Everybody's having fun to the sound of love,
Ugly is the world we're on
If I'm right then prove me wrong
I'm stunned (to find a place we belong)

5.9.09 13:31


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